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What is Church Online?

Church Online at is a community of people all over the world experiencing God and connecting with one another like never before in history. What does that mean? It means you have found a place to encounter God and people who care about you – just as you are, anywhere in the world.

What Should I Expect?

The event will start with some music, you will hear from our Church Online Pastor and experience a thought-provoking message from Senior Pastor Bill White or another Christ Journey pastor. You can expect this experience to last one hour.  If you arrive in the middle of the event, don’t worry about it. Be sure to stay for the whole thing.  It’s worth it!

Elements of Church Online: Streaming Video, Real-time Chat translated in over 52 languages, Interactive Map and Graphics, Message Notes, Live Prayer and more.

Anytime you have a question, just ask someone with [host] beside their name in the chat area and they will have an answer. If you have a prayer request, we have people eager to pray live with you!

Serve With Us

Perhaps no other act reflects the character of Jesus Christ more than serving people. Serving and giving provides us with opportunities to leverage our talents, giftedness and resources to meet the needs of others.

We have opportunities for you to serve with Church Online. Sign up today!


Baptism is a crucial part of your spiritual journey and one worth celebrating with friends and family. If you haven’t been baptized or would like to rededicate your life to Christ, today is your day. Sign up below!

About our campus pastor

The world is a big place. Yet the more technology advances the smaller it seems to get. I love that Christ Journey wants to reach not only our immediate neighbors in South Florida, but leverages technology to reach the nations with the transforming message of the gospel. This good news has reached every country and many territories all over the world, and I am excited to be a part of what God is doing online.

My wife, Jenny, and I were born and raised in Miami. Together, we have two amazing boys, Josiah and Elijah, who hardly ever run out of steam. We love to spend time as a family vacationing to new locations, exploring new things and experiencing different cultures. 

Speaking of cultures, one of the things Church Online allows me to do is experience many of them! Countless people visit from different nations and tongues, but no matter where they are from or the background they were brought up in, we all need Christ desperately and Church Online offers a safe place for people to explore and come to know Jesus.

I have always loved technology and I love sharing life-changing Biblical truths with people. I am so grateful that Christ Journey is a church on a mission wanting to reach as many as possible. People are coming to Church Online, they are listening and interacting with us. It’s so amazing that even online life changes when you find and follow Christ.

Online Campus Pastor,
Carlos Fojo

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