Sunset Property


We continue to make steady progress with the Sunset Property.

Lease Status
With the lease executed according to schedule, Somerset began and completed the due diligence phase.  Somerset is now awaiting the Site Plan approval phase a hearing date with County Commission has been scheduled for April 20, 2017.

At the Christ Journey Business Meeting held on February 22, 2017; a motion was presented and passed that allows Christ Journey to offer Somerset six one-month extensions (starting April 1) in addition to existing provisions in the lease to provide Somerset with additional time to secure the final approvals from the County, as well as address any potential appeals. The use of each extension requires a non-refundable extension fee.

Construction Status
Once final approval is received and any appeals addressed; we would expect commencement of construction.

Christ Journey teams have met with the architects and planners for Somerset to understand the details of their proposed timeline and to coordinate it with our own church project development. Long Range Planning Committee has decided that we will wait for more certainty around Somerset’s approval, prior to investing any additional funds in planning for the building of the church facility.

For more information, please contact Angel Almaguer through the church office.

Somerset Academy Sunset FAQ
Have questions about Somerset Academy Sunset? Check out the FAQ section here for more details.

For additional information, please see the Christ Journey Frequently Asked Questions provided back in June 2015, prior to the church-wide vote to approve the Somerset lease. 

Keep checking back for further updates. Thank you.

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