Psalm 138:3

Have you ever had an encounter with God by which you were greatly emboldened? A spiritual interaction with God that changed your life and made you stronger? It may have challenged you. It may have stretched you. But through it you experienced God. Meaningfully. Deeply.

Daring Greatly is about that – God’s faith in you. God’s love for you. Calling out bold faith and great love through you. That’s where generosity comes in. Generosity is a spiritual value at heart. But it is seen in very practical ways.

Our hope is that as we grow, our generosity will provide resources to upgrade ministry on all three of our current campuses and prepare us financially to secure our next multisite facility. This, toward our vision to have five campuses up by 2020. So our campaign goals are: Mobilize God’s people. Maximize God’s resources. Multiply our future.

We will mobilize through daily prayer, weekly messages and deeper Bible reflection in all our groups. We will maximize God’s resources as we trust and follow His lead in our contributions and two-year commitments. We will be prayerfully making commitments for a two-year period of time. And we will multiply our future by being ready to act when God opens the door with our next multisite opportunity.

In short, we are raising funds to underwrite our upgrades and outreach. And we are doing it God’s way, building His people up to be greatly emboldened in faith and love.


Dear Fellow Journeyer,

Theodore Roosevelt spoke of the “man in the arena” who “spends himself in a worthy cause…” who, at best knows the triumph of high achievement and at worst, will fail “daring greatly”!

Some moments in life have “daring greatly” written all over them. We are in one of those moments now.

What? We are enhancing the communication on all three of our campuses and helping to underwrite our next site acquisition.

Why? To share with people the hope Christ Journey offers in helping them and their families find and follow Christ.

How? God is saying, “Let my people grow!” Our focus will be on growing spiritually and becoming the kind of people God uses to extend his reach in our world.

When? Now. Culminating with a special Celebration Sunday, May 21.

We don’t get these kind of moments often. Our culture will certainly not be teaching us this. But Jesus is leading us to counter the culture in ways that help people find and follow him. And we’re all over that! Because, as we know so well, people are dying, lives are in the balance, families are on the brink, eternity is at stake and Jesus can make all the difference!


With Great Expectations,


Pastor Bill

OUR GOAL: $2,000,000

Start-up and first-year expenses at our next multisite campus: $1,500,000

Upgrade to our current campus ministries, including new IT infrastructure, audio/video upgrades in both physical campuses and maximize flexibility in our Coral Gables Theater and Commons: $500,000

Daring Greatly – Worshippers
Althea Harris

Daring Greatly – Managers
Victor Furniss

Daring Greatly – Warriors
Angel and Heather Almaguer

Daring Greatly – Lovers
Lance and Lorrie Balding

Daring Greatly – Kingdom Builders
Scott and Shellie Perdigon


A 1. During our church’s 90th year (2016) we committed to 90 days of prayer to seek God’s direction and next steps for our church. At the end of that time, church leadership sensed that God was calling us to take some bold steps of faith. Out of that came a commitment to reach 6000 people in 5 campuses (4 physical plus our Church Online) by the end of 2020. This generosity initiative is the next integral step in helping to see that come to pass.

A 2. We hope to raise $2,000,000 above and beyond our regular operating budget over the coming two years (June 2017-May 2019). From those gifts we plan to invest $500,000 in upgrading our current facilities and ministries. In our Coral Gables campus we plan to upgrade our audio-video capabilities in the auditorium, improve our fire safety system, replace A/C units that are beginning to break down now after 30+ years of use, and optimize our ability to use the Theater, Commons, and Café for more of our ministry areas. In our Kendall campus we are in dire need of upgrades in our stage lighting and audio capabilities. Our Church Online campus will benefit from a long overdue upgrade of our internet infrastructure.

The other $1.5M that we hope to raise will fund the start-up costs and first year expenses of our next multi-site campus (not the Sunset campus.) We are currently researching opportunities between SW 8th Street and Kendall Drive in west Miami-Dade as well as possibilities in the Downtown/Midtown areas of Miami. The funds raised in Daring Greatly would be used to cover first year lease expenses, build-out expenses, equipment and furnishings, and first year personnel and ministry expenses.

A 3. The Daring Greatly initiative will be launched in our weekend Experiences in all of our Christ Journey campuses between April 23 and May 21.

Don’t miss any of our weekend Experiences during these weeks! Pick up a Daring Greatly brochure and prayerfully review it. Connect with a Daring Greatly group for our special 4-week study. Follow us on social media for 40 Days of Prayer. Put a prayer dot reminder on your watch or phone and pray every day. Complete your Commitment Card and bring it to Celebration Sunday, May 21, and watch what God does!

Begin your Daring Greatly giving, starting June 2017.

A 4. Our last financial campaign was called RE, which we launched 9 years ago (April 2008). RE receipts of $3.5M came in over a 3-year period of time. Those funds were given toward our Sunset campus project and other growth initiatives in our church. Significant areas where those funds have been used include:

• Infrastructure work on the Sunset property (including clearing, sub-grade and building pad, domestic water to the site, sanitary sewer, force main extension, and storm drainage system.)
• Launch of our Country Walk (now Kendall) Campus.
• Launch of our Church Online Campus.
• Renovations on our Coral Gables Campus
We currently have $1.5M remaining in the RE account which are earmarked specifically for the Sunset Campus.

A 5. Christ Journey takes seriously our responsibility to be good stewards of the resources God has placed in our hands. The following are some of the measures in place for good financial accountability:
• Separate teams in place for receiving/posting contributions and accounts payable.
• Weekly review of receipts and expenditures by the staff Directional Team and Finance Committee chairman.
• Monthly review of receipts and expenditures by the church-elected Finance Committee.
• Monthly report of our finances reviewed by the Council on Ministries (our Board of Directors).
• Semi-annual financial report made to the church in Church Business Meetings.
• Annual Operating Budget approved by the church congregation.
• Annual Audit or Review conducted by an independent auditing firm.
• Use of building funds approved in advance by congregational action.

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