How Will You Be Remembered?
Our lives can be remembered as wonderful or wonder-filled. How will you be remembered?
The Wow Factor
“God inhabits the praises of His people” – Psalm 22:3. If you want to factor some divine WOW into your days, saturate them with praise!
Branded – Make Your Mark
Although messy at times, there’s much insight to gain from the life of the Disciple Peter.
Daring Greatly
With spiritual growth as our goal, we are learning how to grow God’s way as Worshippers, Managers, Warrior/Risk Takers, Lovers and Kingdom Builders.
For The Love of God
There are three ways we share the forever love of God with each other. This series will give you the opportunity to learn how to pray and invite your loved ones to experience the blessing of God in their lives.
Heroes of Faith
Some circumstances spell i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e across our daily lives, but they are simply opportunities for us to unleash our faith and join God in His work.
The Christ Journey
Every person has an opportunity to live a life full of God’s blessing. This series shows you how.
What are the rock solid truths we can build our lives on? What does Christianity offer that we can count on no matter what else happens in life? We begin 2017 with answers to these questions and more.
New Year
God has plans for you! Let His promise come to you and get through you to change your world. Happy start to 2017!
Our world needs peace. Our hearts and minds need it. Our homes need it. Our very souls cry out for peace with God. Reconnect deeply to the peace God has for you in Christ this Christmas season.
Loyalty: How Courage Overcomes
The Bible story of Daniel offers encouragement and practical instruction on decision-making, responding to situations of worldly pressure, and succeeding in life’s most challenging circumstances.