an environment for high school students

High School

Teens are trendsetters. Young men and women with abilities and drive to change the world! We believe in inspiring them, helping them achieve their goals, and teaching them how to find and follow Christ.

We know teens in and around our county experience abuse, addiction, self-harm, disorders, neglect, depression, and more. But we want you to know that there’s hope. Come, bring your friends, and join us!

When We Meet

Velocity at Coral Gables Campus
Currently on summer break.

Velocity at Kendall Campus
Currently on summer break.

First time here?

We know it’s important for students like you to fit in and be accepted as you are. Our high school community is definitely the place to check out.

Parents, at Velocity, students get together for fun, listen to live music, and are inspired to live the life God created them to live!

Events at Christ Journey

Serve With Us

Perhaps no other act reflects the character of Jesus Christ more than serving people. Serving and giving provides us with opportunities to leverage our talents, giftedness and resources to meet the needs of others.

We have opportunities for you to serve in Velocity. Watch the video to the right or sign up to serve below.

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